A lil bit about me

Hey there,  

My name is Ruby, and this is a little peak into my life.

17 years ago, I was fortunate enough to be born into a family from Sydney, Australia, who possess a deep passion for travel and value experience. I’m currently in high school but whenever an opportunity to travel arises, I’m always the first to jump on board.

 I genuinely believe that travelling presents unique opportunities to see the mesmerising phenomenon’s our world has to offer. It opens our minds and encourages us to embrace new perspectives of our planet as well as the life on it. In my experience, travelling teaches you more than any class or educator ever could. 

Bonus: there’s no need to pass a test to go travelling, everyone is welcome.

Travelling changes the way we view the world. Instead of seeing earth as being divided into separate continents with separate countries inhabited by separate people, you learn to interrelate all the beings on our planet and see it as one wholesome, united nation. Travelling enables you to genuinely appreciate your own life while immersing yourself in a variety of distinctive cultures.

It’s my hope that I help you in making the most of your adventures.

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